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Blue Bubbles

Why A Car Wash Membership?

Help protect the value of your vehicle and Improve your visibility. Customers who wash their cars twice a month or more save money when they enroll in an car wash membership. 

Make your car shine
A Clean Car = better MPG
Make your car shine

Our sealants fill in the porous marks and micro divots that your car’s clear coat gets with age, helping your car keep its shine.

When it comes to aerodynamics, a waxed or clean car will allow air to move freely across the service (less resistance). Unlike a clean surface, a dirty car limits the amount of airflow, causing increased friction and less MPG

Rain Guard can aid in keeping your windshield clear while minimizing streaks and spots.

Blue Bubbles


to Join the
Wash Club


Wash Everyday.


Where you want. Wash at any One Stop location near your home, work, school. 


Save Money

Our membership plans could help you save on your monthly washes.


No fees or Contracts

No long-term commitment. Manage your account online or in person. Automatic renewal. 


Multi Car Plans


Keep multiple cars in your family clean with multi-car discount pricing. All managed from a single account.

Signing Up is Simple


Pick a Club

We have three to choose from.



Purchase online or during your next visit at our kiosk.


Wash Away

That's it, wash as often as you would like, and

Thank You for supporting local.

Frequently asked questions

When will I be billed?

The first charge is the day of enrollment, and recurring charges will be automatically charged on your signup date each month thereafter.

How do i Change or Cancel my membership?

Simply fill out the change form listed above or stop by the car wash and let us know. (Please give us at least a 3 days notice before your billing date so it can be processed timely)

What if i get a new Debit/Credit Card

During your next visit at the wash, simply let our team know and we can update your profile.

What if i get a new car ?

Simply bring in your new car and we will apply the new RFID tag to your vehicle free of charge.

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