Wash Often, Save More


Reward yourself with a clean car. Wash once a day all month long!

No Contracts

Cancel any time for any reason! Hassle Free, No signup or cancellation


Gas Discount

Saving of 5 cents per gallon every time you get a carwash.


We will apply a RFID sticker to your windshield which will be scanned every visit. 

SigNing Up is



Pick Your Plan

We Have 2 Wash Plans to choose from. The Super and Deluxe Wash.

Super Wash

The super wash is the Deluxe wash plus Triple conditioner, wheel cleaner and clear coat protectant. The two additional conditioners means a cleaner car, which will technically help with the shine, along with removing break dust off your wheels and providing protection to your car's clear coat.


Deluxe Wash

The Deluxe wash is our basic wash plus, single color conditioner, undercarriage wash with rust inhibitor. Which means an additional cleaner to help remove road grime and salt along with cleaning underneath your vehicle for an additional level of clean and protection. 



Sign UP

During your next visit simply purchase your wash plan, fill out a quick form and we will install an RFID sticker to your windshield. 


Wash Away

Thats it, Simple! Come visit us as many times as you'd like and Thank You for Supporting Small Business. 

Frequently asked questions

When will I be billed?

The first charge to a member will be prorated when a member enrolls and recurring charges will be automatically charged on the first of each month thereafter.

How do i Change or Cancel my membership?

Before the beginning of the month, simply stop by the convenience store or car wash and let us know. ( Please give us at least a 7 days notice)

Do i get the gas discount with the unlimited plan?

Yes, you are still eligible for our gas discount. All you have to do is hold on to your receipt and go inside to our convenience store and show them the receipt.

How much is the gas dicount?

It's 5 cents off per gallon.